This piece was commissioned by Denver Digerati and unveiled during the Friday Flash #11 exhibition on Friday September 25th, 2015.

Artist's Statement:
Originally the piece was supposed to be an ode to my work and how this female character lives within the collages: sort of he artist watching someone viewing his art and imagining their relationship to it but as the project progressed, i found myself lost between what I wanted to give and take, and what i wanted the character to give back to me. I was thinking of french new wave meets digital art not only storytelling, but the process of filmmaking. depictions of the common. philosophical concepts of absurdity, existentialism and the human condition.

I wanted to take something I liked and remake it. Everything is a remix. My work is a derivative of Canada's. Most of Star Wars George Lucas remade shot for shot from previous films. Kill Bill by Tarantino is pulled from ideas and characters from movies that came before it. Hunter S. Thompson retyped The Great Gatsby to feel what it was like to write a masterpiece.

Copy > Transform > Combine

Conceptually -- Theft is alluded to in the script, albeit poetically. That everyone’s tastes taste the same. And we are living in a post-postmodernist world of art where the copy of the original belongs to both the artist and the consumer. And in a way it is the responsibility of the consumer to transform their experience with the art into something new.

We need to reevaluate the idea that it is theft since the duplication of art is now so prolific and free. We are exploring the boundaries of how much of the copy is owned by the viewer.

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