Denver Digerati's 'Friday Flash' program returned to the streets of Denver, Colorado once again on June 13th. Friday Flash #6: Download This / Image Anarchism showcased approximately 20 artworks curated through a process involving online browsing and direct downloading of files, based on months of research through Vimeo and artist websites.The concept for this program began as an offshoot from regular curatorial channels used for previous efforts, while heavily scrutinizing texts that relate to 'visual literacy' as well as the field of art 'after the internet'. The 21st century artist, particularly one engaged in digital practices through internet-based realms, operates in a different context with a constantly evolving set of protocols. According to Brad Troemel in his recent essay 'Art after Social Media', "For the image neoliberal, art is a universal cultural product that should be free to travel wherever the market or museums take it; meaning is created through a work's ability to reach the widest audience and not through any particular location at which it's viewed." Troemel goes on further to recognize a new mode of association called image anarchism in which ".....the image anarchist reflects a generational indifference toward intellectual property, regarding it as a bureaucratically regulated construct. This indifference stems from file sharing and extends to de-authored, decontextualized Tumblr posts. Image anarchism is the path that leads art to exist outside the traditional context of art. While it may not sound entirely appropriate on the surface, adherents to image anarchism, whether they are cognizant of the implications or not, are participants in networks that are evolving in radically different ways with the ability to reach across the globe. Online sharing for motion-based artists, through sites such as Vimeo, is developing into a unique, organically grown system with a density and distribution pattern much like that of trees, with each branch leading to new discoveries or circling back to nodes, trunk and roots. Artists generally share their work for online viewing as a way to market themselves, logging a combination of hits, likes, shares, follows, laters and even online tipping." Most artists participate both in sharing as well as 'liking'. Behind the mystique of such a system lies an unmistakably profound, universal tool in which discovery is the order of the day, leading to increased networks and future opportunities. For Denver Digerati it's proven a way to discover and procure works by some of the most visually astute, wildly creative, universally celebrated (as well as completely unknown) talents from around the globe.

This program consisted of the following works and artists:
Mystical Beasts by Jeremy Couillard
Dan Deacon / Lots by Kutay Cengil
Sliced by dxmiq
Land by Masanobu Hiraoka
Squeezie by Ploomers (Paul Bloomfield)
Game Theory by Ithaca Audio
¯\_(?)_/¯ nox ¯\_(?)_/¯ by Lauren Pelc McArthur
Presenting by By Hands
Cadavres Exquis (3 mins condensed version) by Jules Julien
Volumetric Emotion by Kim Laughton
Affirmations of Being by Hector llanquin
Dauphin 007 by Jonathan Monaghan
PLUTO 3000 by Fabio Tonetto
das Lichtquant by Laurent La Torpille
BitShiftMinuet by Adam Ferris
Woos by Pet Punk
The Vein - Magma by Dvein by Cloaque