Specializing in Digital Animation presentations for Outdoor LED
Friday Flash

FRIDAY FLASH 2013-2015

Denver Digerati initiated the FRIDAY FLASH series in 2013, utilizing the city's 14th and Champa cinematic outdoor LED screen in a more meaningful and innovative manner requiring screen infiltration in order to screen motion-based works in thematic programs with few limitations on length or content, other than needing to be suitable for a public context. The program would occur 3-5 times each summer up until 2015, with each summer's concluding program consisting of the unveiling of seven unique animations commissioned specifically for the format of the presentation screen. The program was wildly successful, proving a unique showcase and on-street "happening" for the community to engage in, while working within a limited budget. The program shifted towards an exclusive focus on artists working in digital-animation shortly after the inaugural Flash, based on the desire to limit content parameters and focus on an exciting niche that merges more perfectly with LED, with the idea to promote a singular, growing network of international artists using advances in technology and thought in their work.