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SIGHTLINE Spectator Documentation

On the evening of May 11th, 2012 the Denver Theatre District in conjunction with Create Denver Week hosted "Urban Encounters," a program that brought several forward thinking creative concepts and spectacles to the streets of Denver, including "SightLine," an hour and twenty minute program of premier motion-based art by Local, National and International artists presented on downtown Denver's largest LED screen at the corner of 14th and Champa Street. The program started with a reception at the Spire across the street from the LED screen....many chose to stay on Spire's 9th floor deck to watch the program because of the dramatic weather that night, but the best view was from the street.

"SightLine" curators Ryan Pattie and Ivar Zeile compiled footage taken that evening by spectators of the program to create a document delivering a unique view of this dynamic project.

SightLine Sneak Preview - for Create Denver Week's "Urban Encounters" May 11th

Promotional video for the announcement of our 2012 program SIGHTLINE, the first long-form curatorial initiative that sought to bring motion-based artworks to the LED screen without limits on duration or place of origin. The program also featured five works commissioned exclusively for the program.