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dd@bb No 1 -


dd@bb No.1 - Victor Morales with Dulouz and Zone Motif, Saturday January 27th at 7:30pm

Denver Digerati teams up with CU Boulder's Sonic Arts Program for an evening performance Saturday January 27th featuring SUPERNOVA animator Victor Morales collaborating with experimental music acts Duluoz and Zone Motif.

Performance will be held starting at 7:30pm at the ATLAS Institute's Experimental Black Box Theatre.


Denver Digerati surges into 2018 with a robust slate of activities planned for the year. The first is a new collaboration with Boulder's prestigious Sonic Arts @ CU program with the series dd@bb which pairs digtal animators with experimental music acts for unique audio/visual performances to take place at the ATLAS Institute's Center for Media Art and Performance in the facilities Black Box Experimental Studio. The Studio offers a wide range of state-of-the-art media capabilities perfectly suited for dynamic explorations that are an evolving component within today's performance environment.

The first in the dd@bb series will take place on Saturday January 27th at 7:30pm, and will merge NYC based animator and performance artist Victor Morales with local music acts Duluoz and Zone Motif.

The collaboration was initiated when SUPERNOVA featured artist Ryan Wurst, a PhD student in the University's Intermedia Art Writing and Perfromance program, approached Digerati director Ivar Zeile following the conclusion of the 2017 festival with the idea of creating a new crossover platform. The core of the concept is to pair visual artists from Digerati's distinct network of international animators, cultivated as a result of SUPERNOVA Festival, with pioneering local musicians and sound artists for immersive experiences that tap each affiliates distinct sonic and visual sensibilities. Victor Morales was a leading choice for Zeile to initiate the series, having first discovered the Venezuelan-born animator's work in NYC during a visit to Roosevelt Island for a summer artist-in-residency program. Morales work was subsequently featured at SUPERNOVA 2016 in the Machinima and Gaming-related Art program, presenting the artists' distinct use of video game engines as simulation environments. Morales visual and experimental range widened further at SUPERNOVA 2017, with two works featured in the Music Video program and a third animation selected for the festival competition, all pairing diverse sound with the artist's rich, entrancing visual dynamics. Morales is a leader in the field of art through video game modifications and has implemented different game engines into most of the works he has participated in or created over the last decade.

Upon confirming Morales availability and interest, Wurst selected local music acts Duluoz and Zone Motif to pair with the animator in his first venture to Colorado. Duluoz is an experimental electronic music project from Denver producer Ponyrok aka Pete Nyvall, whose work as Duluoz is intended to be a journey into the unknown, an aural voyage through a darker world that provides listeners with a space to lose themselves. Zone Motif is a new outlet from Miles Hurwitz, aka Lone Dancer, that will debut with this performance, turning his focus away from the dancefloor with touches of Ambient, Dub, rhythmic experiments and spaced-out synth jams.

The trio of artists will experiment for three days with the equipment and context of the Atlas Institute, with the culmination of the synthesis taking place on the evening of the 27th starting at 7:30pm. The event is free and open to the public.  The Black Box Theatre is located at Roser ATLAS Center, 1125 18th St. 320 UCB in Boulder, Colorado.

Victor Morales

Pete Nyvall / Duluoz

Miles Hurwitz / Lone Dancer

Sonic Arts @ CU