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Bringing digital animation of today to outdoor LED screens as the Future of Public Art

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We think of public art as still and semi-permanent — murals in alleys and sculptures on the lawns of city buildings. But for one day a year, public art is fleeting and animated.

This Saturday, Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival will light up the LED screens at the Denver Center for Performing Arts with work by artists from all over the world.
— Ashley Dean, DENVERITE, September 20, 2017
The Flash Friday video series has given Denver a truly unique cultural niche. No other city, anywhere, has managed to bring genuine cultural value to those giant, flashing LED screens that have become so ubiquitous (and obnoxious) in urban areas.
— Ray Mark Rinaldi / DENVER POST, September 20, 2015

Denver Digerati specializes in digital imaging applications for LED screens, supporting digital animation as the next level of Public Art. Central to the initiative is Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival, a project hosted by the Denver Theatre District in downtown Denver, Colorado. The Denver Theatre District's LED infrastructure is unique to any other city in the country, supporting a mandate to enhance Denver’s urban core through a dynamic arts- presence by local innovators and leading artists from around the world. Digerati's vast curatorial depth involves a singular worldwide network of leading artists and animators in support of our multi-faceted programming.